Thursday, July 2, 2009

I suddenly feel as if we are living in Seattle

Ryan had adopted a crazy new cry. He did it first last night on the way home from grocery shopping. It is very girly sounding, high pitched and just plain funny actually. He did it once last night and a lot this morning. I am not sure why. Do babies cries change? It's kinda weird. He is getting some swing time right now after a good amount of time on the floor. He has a full tummy, a clean diaper and he is good to go for a nap while Mommy gets some things accomplished around here. Poor guy (so I thought), during feeding, he came off the breast for a second and got hit with the milk sprinkler all over his face. Funny thing is though, he started smiling! He loves his mama's milk! Yesterday he laughed for the first time. He is also starting to reach for his toys.

Monday, Ryan and I met Adrienne and her boyfriend's son down at Clearwater Beach. We talked while he played on the playground. He's 3. She got us subs from Publix so we had lunch down there. It was super hot so we stayed a few hours, but then had to go home. We just made it to the car when it started pouring rain. It has basically been pouring since then. We have had flood warnings and tornado watches and some pretty awesome thunder and lightning. Lots of rain! It has cooled things off though so that's been nice. Adrienne wasn't so lucky and got caught in the rain walking home. Ryan was very good at the beach until the end. I need to ask our ped if I can put sunscreen on him because the bottle says 6 months. For now, I just have to make sure he is out of the sun and covered well and so sometimes it makes him hotter. I stripped him down to his diaper for a bit and that helped. Man o man, it was just really hot. We got home and I started working on all his pictures from birth day on. I finally got his frames filled, magnets and toy pic inserts done, his books filled out more, my prego journal completed, his growth charts started, his calender started and now I am scrap booking the rest of his pics. I have been working on it for 3 days now and today I should be totally done. Well, I guess I will never be done (we are picture crazy around here these days), but done with the stack that has been sitting in my closet for a month.

Tuesday I met Angele and Lenore and their baby girls for lunch at Rumba.

Yesterday was my big grocery shopping day. I even sat down and planned meals for the next week from different, very interesting recipes (ever had goat cheese?) and went through the Publix ads to pick sale items. I spent a good amount of time doing all this. Well, it poured all day and I was not brave enough to go to Sam's and Publix with the baby in the rain and a gajillion bags of groceries. So, we decided not to help with the youth group last night and instead went shopping. With Sean's help, it was much easier. I mean we had nothing to eat so we had to do it last night. Our newspaper once a week prints meal ideas and recipes so that is what I used and I am excited about cooking new and different things for dinner every night. I am becoming a real housewife and mom! I was very confused. We put a big box of Dove ice cream bars in our cart at Sam's, but they never made it home with us and we didn't pay for them either. Hhmmm. I guess God said no chocolate for us! I do have quite the addiction and especially so now since I thought we got them.

Well, I guess that's it. Ryan is still getting gifts in the mail, which is nice. :) Oh and I guess I am officially a SAHM. No more working for me, not now any way. I love it! Thank you Lord. :) Every day I get to spend with my little one is a blessing. I can't wait for you Becca. I am excited for you to get that opportunity!


Hil said...

Hey baby girl, glad to see Ryan's becoming quite the little man! I am so happy for you and Sean...speaking of the cooking...I am ADDICTED to the site I have been a member for almost 2 years now and all the people I have met are amazing on there and any question you may have they answer. You can create an online recipe box and all kinds of stuff. I think with you being a housewife now, you will become addicted...the first month on there, I didn't cook a same meal twice! You will love. Headed to the beach for the weekend so while I will be in FL-I just won't be close enough to you...but will be there in spirit. We will be in Tallahassee tonight and tomorrow, St.George Island until Sunday. Then back to work on Monday-just thankful I have a job that I love! Love you, Hil

Hettie Brewner said...

Hi sweetheart! Great to hear from you. I miss you. We really need to plan a trip to Atlanta some time. I say it all the time; we just need to do it. You also are invited to our house any time.

Thanks for the web site. Maybe I will check it out. I remember you being a good cook and liking to do it. So do I! Yum, I remember the Digger's chicken salad. When you made it, it tasted exactly like theirs. Aw, the old days.

I hope you are having a great holiday in Fl. Wish you were closer and we could have visited. Thanks for the picture text yesterday.

I am so glad you love your job. It sounds like you are doing really well and you sound happy and well, that makes me happy!

I think an old coworker told me about, as well.

I love you!