Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This Little Baby

Pic of me, TIffany (other blonde) and Faye and of course Ry.

Sunday I went to my very first baby shower. Tiffany is prego (obviously) and having a baby in September. It was at her mom's house. I brought Ryan with me because Dad and the boys were playing golf. He needed a guys day and he hadn't played golf in ages. Ryan might have sort of stole the show at the shower, but it's understandable, he is pretty irresistible. LOL. He did very good, but got fussy towards the end, as if to say I have had enough of being surrounded by all these women-type, why didn't I have man time with Dad on the golf course?! We went to dinner with the family at Capogna's (I know, on a Sunday instead of our normal Friday nights). We can be crazy like that sometimes!

Monday I went through the 3 bags of clothes that my aunt gave me for Ryan. I think Ryan has clothes from newborn to age 3 at this point! It's wonderful. I have made a decision to exercise daily (and stick with it this time) to get back in shape, so we went for a long walk and I did one of my exercise videos. Of course yesterday I got to do the video, but not walk in the evening because we did other stuff and got home late. So frustrating!

Yesterday I went to Babies R Us. We had a $100 gift certificate from Sean's aunt and uncle. I got a portable swing for him, which will be great for our trip this weekend since he pretty much only sleeps in a swing. I got wipes, diaper pail deodorizers, toys, a kiddopotamus, more car sun shades, some more burp cloths cuz I seem to lose ours (even though we are far from running out of them), a paci cuz I lost one of ours (I see a trend here of losing things!) and I think that's it. I thought I did really well. All that for $100!

We went to dinner with Dad at Smokey Bones last night and then to Target. Dad took me birthday shopping. I got a bunch of clothes and 2 pairs of shoes. I needed clothes and shoes badly. I had a bit of a time figuring out my new sizes. Mostly it is because of having bigger boobs now. And a little bit because of my bigger waist. Any way I got lots of shirts and some shorts. We didn't get home until like 10 p.m. Ryan was exhausted and so was mommy!

The past 3 nights he has slept through the night (swinging away), but I asked the woman who comes over once a week to help with him if it was OK and she said yah. Basically, soon he will grow out of his swing and at that point it will be time where I will have to let him cry it out in his crib. Swing weight limit for the portable one is 25 pounds. Not sure what the limit is for the other one. It is recommended to not let baby cry it out until 8 months of age so we are figuring we won't have the option of a swing by around that time any way. It's nice though because now with the portable one downstairs, we moved the big one to our room so now we are able to sleep in our bed again! Yay for that! I will still try working on putting him in his bassinet at times, but at least I don't feel guilty about him sleeping with us anymore (oh yah not sure if I mentioned that - he is not allowed to sleep in bed with us anymore) and I don't have to feel guilty that our son sleeps in a swing.

It's funny how Ryan has taken over our house and my car. How does something so little amass so much stuff?! Our living room has a swing, high chair, Boppy (BTW, Sean's mom gave us a new BOY slipcover - no more pink roses!), diaper changing area, blanket area for tummy time. Our room has a swing, bassinet, bouncer and humidifier. My car has 3 sun shades, a rain forest mobile thing, car seat, mirror so we can see him from the front. Not to mention of course the nursery, all the extra laundry, his bathroom and kitchen cabinets filled with his stuff. I love it though.


Becca said...

Oh just wait my dear. My living room has bumbo, swing, toy box, tummy mat, bouncy seat, jumparoo, diaper changing station and a toy piano. It only gets worse, LOL. Or really....better. :)

Just curiously where did you get the 8 month CIO thing? I've heard that a baby can technically start to be spoiled at around 6 mos of age. Just something to think about but if you keep him in the swing for 8 months he may get REALLY used to that and then the CIO will be AWFUL. I'm not at all trying to tell you what to do just trying to help out. A friend of mine didn't start trying to CIO until nearly 1 year and she had the WORST time with it. We started it at around 3 months (with modifications where i go and try to soothe her instead of just leaving her be) and it worked out great. 8 months just seems like a long time to let a baby get used to something and then try to change it. Don't be offended PLEASE, just tossing in some help as LORD knows that parenting doesn't come with a manual! Good job on the 'no bed' rule though, AWESOME!

Hettie Brewner said...

I have read and people have told me to go to baby when he/she is crying to build trust for 8 months up to a year to 2 years. I certainly am not going to be a parent based on what others think or what some books say, but I just can't let my little man cry right now. I feel he needs his mommy when he is upset. I am not offended at all sweetheart. What works for one mom might not for another or what one mom thinks another might not agree with. That's for sure - I will have an EXTREMELY difficult time letting him CIO when it does happen, but that will happen at any age. I can only think of today and right not I just have to go to him when he cries, my heartbreaks when he is unhappy. You should see the boo-boo face he makes and the quivering lip and the wah! It will get me every time.