Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ryan's getting so BIG.......sort of

So yesterday marked Ryan turning 3 months old. This time has flown by at lightning speed! I can't believe it. Every parent out there that has told me the greatest advice they can give is "enjoy every moment because it goes so quickly" certainly wasn't an exaggeration. Today, I am packing away all of his newborn clothes. Yes, that's right I said NEWBORN! This little guy STILL fits in all his newborn stuff. Well, I shouldn't say ALL because there have been some things that I put in storage boxes a while ago, but 90% of his stuff still fits the little bugger. So now he is on to his 0-3 month stuff! While he amazingly is already 3 months old, the super long, little chubbers can still fit his self into newbie stuff. Maybe he isn't ready to grow up so fast either! But alas, he is passing on his very first outfits to a (hopeful) sibling. :)

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