Monday, July 20, 2009

And then it was Monday

Sean met me at the mall after he got off work on Saturday. I had gone to use my gift certificate to Hollister from my in-laws for my BD. That store is not very stroller friendly! The aisles are extremely narrow in there, there is a step up to even get into the store and there was just stuff everywhere. I did manage to find some cute things, though, and Ryan was very good. We got Starbuck's and walked around a bit. I was in EXTREME pain wearing new heels that gave me numerous blisters. Now I know why I live in flops. Maybe I broke them in and they will be a little better next time because they are super cute.

We went to the zoo yesterday for $5 zoo days, normally it's $20 a person so yah it was a pretty good deal. We had a good time, only got to see about half of the zoo because it started to rain, Ryan got hungry and then they closed, but hey for $5 it was worth it. It was really crowded, but we expected that because of the deal.

Ryan enjoying the zoo

We got to feed the giraffes! I got to pet him, too, but he did not like that, nor, did I realize, was I supposed to, as per the sign we read after the fact.


Becca said...

LOL the giraffe pic is funny :)

Hettie Brewner said...

I LOVE it! :)