Monday, July 27, 2009


Dad's party turned out to be a lot of fun, except for our annoying parking situation. We don't have a place for guests to park, so they had to park up at Walgreen's and be shuttled here or walk here. Any way, Dad really enjoyed it; we had yummy food and he loved the decorations. I was just happy I could make his birthday special.

Friday night Ryan went to his first kid's birthday party. Our friends Justin and Autumn's son Jayden turned 3. We had pizza and cake. Ryan even got a goody bag full of tootsie rolls and Play-Doh and fruit snacks. :)

Saturday, my aunt and I went to Babies R Us. They had booths setup for various things. We went to learn infant CPR and the Heimlich. I also bought a few things for Ry. He got a little activity gym and I got some paci wipes (very handy) and a wipes case and I FINALLY got a nursing wrap.

Me and sean (with Ryan) went out for Thai/sushi Saturday night.

Yesterday at church, Ryan did pretty well until the end when he started to get fussy. I actually put him in the nursery for about 10 minutes. This was the very first time!!!! It was extremely hard and I almost cried....and it was only 10 minutes! I guess I have to start somewhere. I just can't seem to leave him with anyone yet. Our friend Barbi was in the nursery so that also made it a bit easier. After service we had a potluck. We made Death by Chocolate. :)

For our date day (yes date day Ryan comes too!) we went to IKEA. We ate there, which seems a little strange to eat at a furniture store. Their prices are pretty reasonable and they have cute stuff, really modern and not exactly how I decorate, but still cute. Ryan got EXTREMELY fussy at one point and I about lost it. I had one of those mommy breakdown moments, which I know only stresses him out more. He eventually stopped and fell asleep.

Last night we rented He's Just Not That Into You and had fruit smoothies followed by white Russians and an episode of Castle on Hulu. Good times. :)

I have to give the little man a bath and get myself in the shower. And yes I don't have much of a life because I am really looking forward to The Bachelorette tonight!

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