Thursday, July 23, 2009

1st swim

Sean was off from work yesterday and we spent the day at Dad's. Sean and Dad worked on the house and I hung out with the baby and did some scrap booking.... BUT the highlight of the day was taking Ryan in the pool for the very first time. He looked so stinkn cute in his new swim trunks and red shades! He enjoyed the pool, too.

We had youth group last night and one of the girls was having some problems. I took her outside and talked to her (more like rambling). She wouldn't tell exactly me what was wrong, but hopefully I helped her. It is hard communicating with teens. I just pray that I said the right things and that I helped her out.

Today is Dad's birthday and we are having a party for him here tonight with the family. So I am busy today decorating and cooking and getting the house ready. Tuesday was my day at Target, Michael's, Dillard's, the $1 store with stops at the bank and 2 Men in between to get ready for the party. Through all those errands, Ryan did awesome!

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