Monday, August 10, 2009

Heritage Village and our weekend

Here are some pics from the weekend, and one of my SIL and Ryan when she was here.

We went to Heritage Village on Saturday. It's a free park and it was really interesting. We enjoyed ourselves. It's basically a history of Pinellas County and they had different buildings and homes (the real ones, only a few were replicas) that you could walk through. Only horrible thing is I saw not one, but TWO snakes! I think I handled myself well; Sean does not, well he said I did better than I would have 3 years ago, so improvement has been made! We went for coffee and rented Bride Wars after that. Yesterday we went to church, Ryan slept through service, so we actually got to hear the message. We took Ryan swimming in Dad's pool. We had gone to K-Mart to get him a floatie, but they were 6+ months. He's still not old enough. Aaawwww! We ate dinner at Chili's and rented Transformers. Friday was Capagna's and cat sitting.

Ryan laughed out loud for the first time on Saturday. He has a ton of different noises now. He also is starting to bat at things and he is definitely paying more attention to objects. He will hold onto things much more now, too, especially my hair...ouch!


Becca said...

yeah hair pulling is fun huh? Kenzie pinches now and will often grab a flab of skin and just YANK on it. PAINFUL!

Cute pics. He always looks mad in the pics though LOL not a camera fan? :)

Hettie Brewner said...

I don't have flabby skin, so I guess I won't have to worry about that! HAHAHAHAH! LOL jk I could barely even type that without laughing!!!!!!!!

So, look at these pics I am about to post....... :)

Becca said...

LOL LOL oh sure, call me fat!!! hehehehe well unless you are a freak job you have some skin that is pinchable. LOL Cheeks at least.

Hettie Brewner said...

I would never call you fat! I saw your post preggo pics! :) I definitely have fat, all over, some to spare, some I could give you!