Thursday, August 6, 2009

Parenting Tip #385

Long- haired, furry stuffed animals are not safe around unsupervised 3-month-olds. Me and Ryan had some errands to run this afternoon and I thought I would give him a stuffed animal to hang onto while riding in the car. He seemed to really like my idea, as well. Well, when we got to our first stop and I go to get him out of the back seat, he has FUR all over his mouth, in his mouth, in between his clenched fingers, on his legs, etc., etc. !!!!!!!!! AAAHHH! Lesson learned! I was wondering why I didn't hear a peep from him the whole way there! I have the mirror, but I couldn't see what he was doing. Stinker!

So, I accepted my spot into the nursing program and sent in my letter. 4 1/2 months until school starts........again! And a special thanks to my darling husband who is going to put off going back to school for the time being so that I can go back.......again. He is such a wonderful support system. We had decided that it would not be good for us to have Ry, both in school and him working full-time. It would just be too much for our baby and our marriage and everything else we have going on. He will get his degree after I am done. I guess my AS was not enough....and my 270 credits! Sheesh!


Becca said...

LOL aww i'm glad you decided to go back. I think you would have looked back and been disappointed if you hadn't at least tried the program out to see if you really enjoyed it. I'm sure it will work out and working part time won't be so hard on ya when it's all said and done. :)

Becca said...

Oh ya....and never use furry stuffed animals, LOL...fleece is best, LOL. Lesson learned here too after a mouth full of pink bunny hair. :)

Hettie Brewner said...

Yah, I am going to at least try it. It has been my dream forever.

You're supposed to share your lessons!!! lol