Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hey Becca, look, it's a happy Ryan! :) yay lol


Becca said...

LOL LOL YAY!!!! it does happen! I love how he's looking at that little pillow like what the deuce is that!? hehe

Hettie Brewner said...

It happens often, just not caught on camera! :)

He is so much more aware of EVERYTHING now and paying attention to it all!

So, he wakes up at 545. Diaper change. Poops mid change. Outfit change. Another diaper. Clean soiled outfit. Feed. Back to swing. Cries. Pacifier - doesn't work. Poops again. Diaper change. Pees mid change on face and outfit. Another outfit change and another diaper. Back to swing. Falls back asleep. Mommy back to bed at 6:45. Hubby wakes me up at 7 to move the car. Ah, happy Wednesday!