Sunday, August 2, 2009


We were so worried how Ryan would do in the car down to Miami and back in one one day - that's 10 hours!!!! Well, he did great on the way down and great on the way back, however, he did not do so well at the baseball game. O yah, let me back up. My FIL and SIL Hillary are visiting us from CO and CA. They got here on Friday. Yesterday we went to Miami to see the Cubs play. They are die hard fans. Any way, we got to the stadium early and walked around and Ryan was doing great. He got hungry and it took a while for me to find a place where I felt comfortable nursing him, but God opened up a table for me to feed him. Then we got back to our seats and the game started. Ryan started screaming. Every time fans started yelling and cheering, a look of terror would come over his face because all the noise was scaring him so bad and then he would start screaming. I let this go on for about 5 minutes before I walked him up to the concession area and tried to find some quiet places to calm him down. I went into a store for a bit and then stood out by an information desk. They said I could go into the first aid room and sit on the couches in the AC. The paramedics in there said I could go into another room, keep the lights turned off and lay down on the stretchers with Ryan. I said no thanks. Ryan calmed down and fell asleep and then I got back up and walked in front of the info desk again to stand in front of the fans and look at the game on TV. I was feeling so horrible for Ryan and resigned myself to the fact that I would probably be standing there for the next 3 hours because no way was I going to subject him to that frightening experience again. Well, the guy behind the info desk said he could take me up to the club level and I could sit in a big comfy chair in the AC and watch the game on the big screen. I quickly got Sean from his seat and the guy took us up a service elevator and into the club level seating. My FIL and SIL decided to stay in the seats we paid for. So for the rest of the game we got to stay in nice chairs and watch the game out of the heat and noise and Ryan was so much better. He ate and took a very long nap. Unfortunately, we couldn't be with the rest of the family and Sean had to watch the game on a TV instead of outside live, but anything for our son and it definitely was a hookup! Gosh, I started crying I felt so bad for my little man. It sounds like such a little thing, but if you could have seen how scared he was and the looks on his face, it was heart breaking! O and on the way up to the club level, we ran into one of the real Village People (the Indian) because they were performing after the show - ha! Too funny!

I just have to say God was really looking out for us because I was feeling so hopeless not knowing what to do for my son and he just opened a door for us and took care of us!

Here are the pics before going up to the club level.

We got back around 3:30 this morning and we are all just trying to wake up now!

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