Friday, August 7, 2009


So, Friday is cleaning day. I thought I would probably not get much done. I fed Ryan and then put him down for a nap (yes, in the swing), but he only slept like half an hour or so. I tried changing him, walking him, going outside with him, his chair, etc., etc., so I finally decided he was still hungry. After feeding him and changing him again, I tried to put him in some of his different play things, but no. So, then I got out the carrier and he was totally content. Way harder on Mommy to clean with him attached to me, but hey I got a good workout and that's good because I have been feeling super fat lately. God has a sense of humor! Ryan just needed his mommy and that made me feel wonderful. So, we finished up, all I had to do was vacuum the stairs, which I can't do with him in the carrier. I gave him a quick pep talk and some cuddles on our bed and then I put him in his crib. I put him in there to look at his mobile and he loves looking at the patterns on his bumper. He has NEVER fallen asleep in there. We have NEVER even tried. I was NOT trying this time. I was just hoping his mobile and bumper would keep him occupied for 5 minutes so I could finish up cleaning. I walk in his room after I'm done and lo and behold, this is what I find:

He has been in there sleeping since 4 and it is 4:30 now! I am in shock! I am happy, but also a little sad. My little one is turning into a big boy who can sleep in his crib all by himself AND put himself to sleep!


Becca said...

LOL I once put my daughter in her crib as a last resort after feeding and rocking and holding did nothing to soothe her. She quickly fell asleep without a fuss. LOL. I felt so useless inside...but then she came back, and now requires rocking MOST nights. Much to daddy's dismay

Hettie Brewner said...

And she will always need you.....I still need my mommy! :)