Monday, August 24, 2009


So, I have decided that outlet malls are not really that great for deals. It was fun to walk around and spend the day with my hubby and son, though. We went down to Sarasota, which is an hour away. The Coach bags were on sale for 99 and up, which WAS a good deal, but definitely not in our budget. We ended up spending money on food! Fatsos! We got lunch, truffles and Starbucks. Carter's had cute Halloween costumes for baby and cute little T Day 1st outfits, but they were still expensive and I think I can find better deals elsewhere. Ryan had a good day with only one like 10 minute crying episode in the Disney store. We enjoyed ourselves so that's all that matters. :)

The rest of our weekend was pretty uneventful, but just lovely. Friday night we went to dinner with Dad at Umberto's, NOT Capagna's. :0) Ryan was very well-behaved.

Saturday, we took Sean's car in to have the tires rotated and got a nice 0 dollar bill surprise! He purchased his tires there so rotations are free for the life of the tires. Then we went and got my hair cut and colored and Sean got all his hair basically shaved off. I went blonde and shorter.

Ryan is ready to eat so I gotta go.

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