Friday, September 26, 2008

Dog and Fries

I was craving a hot dog all day yesterday. At the bank I was daydreaming about being at a baseball game chowing down on a foot long. I just couldn't get them out of my mind. My coworker Aimee offered to get me one from 7/11, but I said no. They are so unhealthy and I am on a super healthy kick for me and baby. Well, I finally broke down and after work Sean and I went to Fritzee Freeze and I got my dog and really hot salty fries. It was delicious. I definitely satisfied my craving and now hot dogs make me a little nauseous. Funny how that works. We came home and went for a walk (I was feeling guilty for all the fat I consumed) and fed the ducks bread. It was such a lovely evening. After that we vegged in front of the TV and we are slowly working our way through the baby name book. I know every once in a while it is OK to go ahead and get the fat unhealthy junk. Now it's back to the boring healthy stuff!


Becca said...

I tried so hard to do the healthy thing but after not being able to eat more than cheerios and pasta for 2 months, once i could actually eat...i ate everything in name it. I figure that as long as i take my vitamin and eat healthy snacks, i can splurge on meals a bit more. Plus those 300 extra calories we're supposed to be eating don't come from veggies LOL :) I know what you mean with the hotdog thing though...i was a t target a few weeks ago on the way to a restaurant for dinner and i smelled the target cafe hotdogs...i ended up ordering a kids meal hotdog at the restaurant and it was soooooo good. hehe

Hettie Brewner said...

Eating healthy is the best way to go, but I will splurge every once in a while. Those 300 calories don't take much really. I usually just eat 5 times a day, small meals each time. That is the best thing to do, plus I have to because I am hypoglycemic. BUT I will eat my hot dogs, fries and burgers every once in a while!