Monday, September 8, 2008

The Weekend

Well, it's back to work today. Nice I don't go in until 10. Gives me a chance to relax and do some stuff around the casa.

We had a very relaxing weekend. We really didn't do a whole lot of anything. It was a movie and football weekend. Stop Loss was really good, but disturbing and I was very proud of my hubby for watching it b/c there were definitely some difficult scenes in that movie. What Happens in Vegas was cute. We still have to watch the 3rd movie we rented. Can't remember the name at the moment.

GA was on TV and they won. Nice. We watched the Bucs game with Dad. We lost. Not nice. Sean stayed up late watching the Bears. They won.

We got our tickets for Arizona. I am wearing my dress that I wore to one of the Marine Corps balls. I love that dress and am excited I get to wear it again.

We took Allie for a nice long walk along the water yesterday and went swimming in the pool.

We are pretty much done with packing and we are ready to go!

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