Sunday, September 14, 2008


We went to Barnes and Noble and picked up a baby name book and a pregnancy journal. We also stopped by the Starbucks located inside B&N b/c I was wanting it badly! I never knew it was so difficult to get a decaf sugar free cold drink from there, but it was so the girl made up her own concoction and it was pretty good. We started going through the baby name book last night, after a slight bickering episode b/c there are so many names that we don't quite agree on, but I know once we find the 2 names (boy and girl) we will know and it will be perfect and what both of us will want.

We also went to Sam's Club last night to look around to see if we wanted to get a membership. The deals there are great! It's like a supersized Wal-Mart! I love it there! So we got a membership for the year (only $35 and that's with a $5 discount b/c Sean is a manager). We bought dinner stuff there last night, spent $66 and we should be good to go for about a month! Nice.

I am getting really upset about the fact that my dad smokes cigars around me and I am really just ready to get into our own place. I feel it a bit disrespectful and rude!


sbrewner said...

It is rude, and you told him everything you felt. He will make his choice on what he wants to do with you. We already know what we are doing. I love you.

Hettie Brewner said...

WOW! What drama around here with dad! So sad! :( I love you too!