Friday, September 19, 2008


Yesterday was a lot of work! HARD LABOR! We got almost everything out of dad's and into our house. The remainder we are getting today. We also have almost all of our furniture set up. Now, it is time to tackle the gazillion boxes in our garage. But it is so much fun and we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our house! We are very happy indeed!

We had our OB appointment. We went over a lot of info. She calculated me at 6 weeks, due May 14th abouts. She also did an exam and said I felt 6 weeks. Then we drove to the lab to get a blood pregnancy test done. Not sure when we will get those results. Our next appointment is October 2nd for an ultrasound (to hear fetal HB) and our first hour long prenatal visit. We also went over insurance stuff and really it is not bad at all. We get a 15% discount and they put us on a payment plan. It is about 2500 for all OB visits and L&D (vaginally). That sounds better than the 2500 to 3500 deductible with an extra 100 a month! YAY!

OK, have to do homework and then back to our house to unpack boxes!


Hil said...

I love you more than anything and sitting here with my miller lite(yes I know can you believe John got me of all people drinking miller lite) I wish I could be closer to you to be by your side during all the wonderful times you are experiencing. As scary as life is going through it...isn't awesome what comes about? I LOVE IT! I LOVE YOU, SEAN AND THE LITTLE ONE!!!

Becca said...

Well i'm glad that you guys are finally moving in!! hurray!
The first ulrasound will make you cry when you see that little bitty heartbeat. :)

Hettie Brewner said...

Hil: I love you too and wish u were closer. We will just need to make trips to ATL and you all down here. We should go to a Bucs game together. Miss you!

Becca: yes, moving in! Yay! We are very excited for the ultrasound!