Sunday, September 28, 2008

Here's To Sunday

Well, work ended up not being too bad and it flew by. Then I went to a cosmetology school to get a mani/pedi. They have really good prices b/c it is a student working on you and they offer mans/peds, massage, hair cut and color, waxing, etc. so I was curious to try it out. Apparently, you have to make an appointment, which I didn't (their web site said you didn't need one) so I had to resort to going to my normal place, which I love any way so it was OK. Then I came home and cleaned. Sean and I were supposed to go to the movies with our church last night, but he ended up working till almost 9 so obviously we did not make the 7 o'clock movie. I chilled here and did more stuff around the house, watched the GA game and am slowly getting through the baby name book. There are so many choices. I definitely was disappointed that me and the hubby did not have our Saturday night together, so I am excited to spend today with him.

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