Thursday, September 11, 2008

I love my husband!

Sean is a doll. He surprised me with things to make me feel normal and not out of place. And he just did it to be sweet. So ya wanna know what he did? He got me mommy scrap booking stuff! He also got me a huge bottle of Tylenol b/c that is the safe pain reliever for moms to be . He got me decaf coffee b/c I sure do MISS my morning coffee!!! And he got me O'Douls (nonalcoholic beer). Oh and he got Allie a harness, which will prevent her from pulling my arm out of its socket so when I take her for walks he doesn't have to worry about Allie going all crazy and possibly hurting me/baby. Allie was not too thrilled about this last gift.

Sean and I are doing our second to last final walk through today at 5:30 at the town house!

I am enjoying my day off!


Becca said...

Awww how aweet of him! :) I miss coffee so much too....i told Joel that when i'm in the hospital, as soon as the baby pops ready with my frappacino! :) I have a scrap book too and i really need to get started on it but i need pretty paper first...hmm..maybe this weekend i'll do that while the family paints the nursery...ooh good idea self!

Becca said...

Fat preggo fingers, LOL

Hettie Brewner said...

I want to get a pregnancy journal too that we can give the little one when he/she gets a little older. Sean and I can both write in it. And of course all the scrap booking I will do.

Yummy, coffee! Decaf ain't bad though.