Monday, September 15, 2008

Information Super Highway!

I realized something about myself. I love to research. As soon as we found out I was preggo, I signed up on ivillage and did a customized pregnancy calendar, got on, have Googled a zillion pregnancy questions, got a baby name book and we are already on the "Ls" for girls, got a pregnancy journal, which I started filling out for 4 hours yesterday and got the book What To Expect When You're Expecting and have read about 200 pages. No wonder I have been in school for 88 years. Wow, do I like to be informed!

We had fun telling our church family yesterday our good news. They were all very excited, especially Faithlynn (our pastor's wife). One person even cried. Our own moms didn't even do that.

We went to Eddy's Bar and Grill and had lunch and watched the Bears game and then we came home and watched the Bucs game.

It was a great day!

This morning did not start out so great. I am very angry, hurt and disappointed in my father. It is a very long story and would take too long, but I really need to do a lot of praying and I am really ready for us to be in our new home.


Becca said...

Hey if you like to chat or anything there is a blog on WebMd for each trimester of your pregnancy. It's a great place to ask those embarrassing questions that you don't want to ask anybody else with a real 'face' LOL. And it's very educational. If you ever need preggo sites i frequent like 8,530 of them along with the weekly email updates for everything from each site. LOL. Have's great.

Hettie Brewner said...

Yah! Thanks! I see all the different chat rooms and blogs and etc, etc, etc. It is fun. I really like the ivillage one.