Sunday, September 21, 2008

Home Sweet Home

It has been a long weekend, but it has been so worth it. I was absolutely exhausted this morning. I even slept in till 6! Not my normal crazy hour of 5. We are almost done. We have a few more piles of things to go through and put away. One is our pile of pics that need to be hung. The next pile is our huge collection of DVDs that need to be put away. The last pile is our office and scrap booking stuff. Oh no I lied. One more pile. Our books need to be put away too. We went shopping at Sam's and Lowe's yesterday and got some stuff that Sean needed for around the house. Last night I went around to each room and made a list of the things we absolutely need so we are off to Walmart (when they open). I can't say it enough. We love our home! Uncle Dave/Aunt Michelle came over yesterday. They were really excited. They also gave us a house warming gift and it was for baby too! We receiveed our first baby gift on Friday though. From my sis in law Hillary. It was a bear from Build a Bear. It has a Cubs and Bears uniform to wear. The back of the jersey says Babw. Sean calls all concerned to Hillary worried that they spelled baby wrong, but Hill was like no, that probably stands for Build a Bear Workshop! Too funny. Any way, the baby has a nickname already - BABW! (bab-wah).


Becca said...

LOL aww hot cute! hehe
Joel and I called the baby whatever sized fruit she was comparable to at the i think she's a large 1 pound zucchini or something, LOL

Becca said...

that was supposed to be HOW cute

Hettie Brewner said...

That's too cute!