Thursday, September 25, 2008


People can be so mean. Are they really living such miserable lives? I left work crying yesterday. One, that is embarrassing to do in front of my boss and coworkers, even though they are so nice and really comforted me and made me laugh. Two, I know I am pregnant and hormones and running wildly rampant through my body. Three, these customers really did just get to me. One after another was rude and angry. Now, this happens daily, but I guess usually I handle it a bit better. The one that made me break was a lady who decided to start telling me how un- nice I was and rude. OK. She argued the whole time she was in the clinic and bitched and complained and was late for her appointment and she thinks I am rude and mean! So, any way, I got to leave a little early yesterday and came home to be consoled by my hubby, who also had his fair share of unhappy people at his work! AAAHHHH! How depressing it can be. It makes me really sad. Or maybe it is just the hormones! Either way, I am praying for a much better Thursday. I am so non-confrontational that I just freeze up when people start yelling at me. How do I handle it better?


Hil said...

Wow! I am sorry to hear that. Based on experiences that just occured last week and from working with the public at the car wash, waiting tables and office environments. The only thing you can do is grin and bare it. To the point in which it is reasonable. But the BIGGEST thing that you have to do is when someone starts to get ugly...muster up the big smile you have and don't break it and think to yourself in the back of your head..."these people must be so miserable, things can only get better for this person, i pray that things will get better for this person" and continue to smile. I used to play a little game w/customers...when they got rude, I simply patronized them in such a sarcastic manner that they didn't even realize I was making them look like the donkey!

Becca said...

Aww i know exactly how you feel. Chances are it's your preggo hormones making you more prone to break down into tears :(
hormones do great things but they also suck...i find myself crying at anything these days.
Thankfully they let you go home early and someday when you start showing and people yell at you just stand back and rub your belly...and the world turns nice again....everyone loves a preggo! LOL....we should make t-shirts.

Hettie Brewner said...

Hey chicks! Thanks for the advice. Of course yesterday when I went in, all was good in the world again and everyone was super sweet. it was refreshing, though I know it won't last, but God gave me a break yesterday from the rude ones.

Oh, I am crying or on the verge of tears daily....over anything! It's crazy! I even cry cuz I am so dang tired!

Yah, I am sure once I am showing people will be nicer.

T shirts! Yah!