Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mish-mash of thoughts

Sean, Ryan, Allie and I went to dad's house all day yesterday. I took care of the baby, got us lunch from Fritzie-Freeze and did thank you cards (still not done!). Sean and Dad laid tile and hardwood floors in the den. His house is almost done and is looking amazing! Allie was her normal getting into trouble self. She stepped in drying cement! Our old neighbor came by to chat and see Ryan. The Healthy Families lady came over and we had a good meeting with her. We put together family goals - to get Sean into school, me to get back into shape and get Ryan sleeping in his bassinet and me into nursing school. I have started walking again and once I get the OK from my OB at my 6 week checkup, I want to start running again, yoga, swimming, lifting weights, pilates, spinning, I just wanna workout and get rid of this flab and get my muscles back. My weight is not bad, still 121, was 114 pre-prego, I just had muscle wasting from all the bed rest and from being pregnant with the flabby belly now.

I have felt awful about having Ryan in our bed at night, but after a long talk with Dr. Supow, I am feeling better about it. I am keeping him safe. I have pillows all around him as a barrier and I sleep sitting up (great for my neck) and there aren't covers all over him, so I need to not try to follow all the rules that I read about in a gazillion books and do what is right for our family and follow my mommy instinct. Yes, I do want him to sleep in his bassinet and not cry after five minutes of putting him in there, but hopefully it will come in time. He sleeps a good 3-5 hours at a time with us, so that's nice so we can all get some sleep.

He gets a little fussier now and I know crying is normal and healthy, but it stinks not being able to always soothe him. Like this morning, he was fussy and I started to sing to him to calm him down and he made the worst boo boo face and started screaming. Wow, my singing is THAT bad! ha! No seriously, it broke my heart that I couldn't make him feel better, but I have to know it is normal at times.

He is 4 weeks and 1 day old!!!!


Becca said...

Yeah all the books in the worls tell you not to sleep in bed with your baby, but probably 50% of all parents do at some point. To keep my sanity i HAD to do it. Now that Kenzie sleeps in her crib all the time i sometimes grab her out and put her in bed with me because i miss her! LOL

Hettie Brewner said...

I know Ryan slept well in his bassinet and then I was a little sad and definitely missed him and wanted him back in bed with me to cuddle with the Mister!

I guess Dr. Supow (my boss) was saying that we are the only country that doesn't believe in co-sleeping, but we also have the highest rate of SIDs. Most countries sleep with their babies until 2!

Becca said...

yeah i heard about that statistic too! I never really felt 'bad' about letting Kenzie sleep with us, i just knew that for the sake of our marriage she had to be out of the room by 3 months, LOL.

(and from time to time when Joel is at work at night i will grab kenzie up out of bed and put her with me lol)

Hettie Brewner said...

I have felt bad about doing it, but I guess b/c it is so frowned upon and can be really unsafe.