Friday, March 21, 2008

Fires for Pyros

So my mom called at 10: 30 last night, which put me on alert in the first place b/c I was already asleep and I know when she calls late it is something important. It seems somebody started a small fire in the mountains behind mom's home and that it has now turned into an out of control big fire. She sent some pics of it and it is scary. I can't remember if she said there have been evacuations yet, but neighboring county fire departments have come to help. The bad thing is, fire trucks can't get to where the fire is. Planes have been dropping water. So now we all wait. I told her to promise to call me this morning to let me know she is okay. I am so worried for them and everyone else out there. I tried to tell dad the story and he had a not too nice reaction. That was not what I needed this morning after being awake for all of 8 minutes, but getting a good cry out helped. Any way, many prayers for my Mommy and Mike. I love you guys!

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