Monday, March 24, 2008

......Wanna Take a Ride and Get Outta This Place (this drive calls for Jimmy!)

So, once again, I read Sean's blog and once again he steals what I want to write about. Maybe I need to blog before he does and then he will have to stare at the blank writing screen wondering what to talk about. Oh well. I guess that just means I get to sit here and be random again. I hope Easter was good for every0ne (or just Sean b/c I think he is the only one that reads this blog, well mama too). We had a good day. The nursery was cccrrraaazzyyy! We had 9 wailing babies for 2 hours. One looked like a Sumo wrestler (for real!) and the other like the Michelin baby. He was huge! We did have fun though. The rest of the day was spent doing stuff not worth typing about really. Dinner with the family was good of course! And that's about it.

Today is chilly. I am almost done working. We will gets lots of other things done before we go volunteer at the hospital gift shop. Just found out we get to take a ride to St. Pete to the Salvation Army warehouse to identify our box springs. OH goody. Just what I wanted on my to- do list this morning. Unfortunately, this whole thing was our fault and we should have just donated what we planned on donating and not anything else. At this point, I am not donating the pee bed either (the one they were supposed to have). I 'm over it all. I am still wondering why they take all that nasty furniture, but not my bag of clothes. That really says something about my taste in fashion.

Are we putting the offer on the house today? I think so. I am nervous, scared, excited, glad to finally get an answer. I think we will find out in 2 days after we put it in. Please God, help us on this one (if that is in your will). :O)