Sunday, March 23, 2008

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Happy, Hoppy Easter all! Well, I read my hubby's blog and we so think alike it is not even funny. I was going to write about the same thing today. I am definitely bummed that we do not get to go to a service today, but I am really looking forward to taking care of the babies in the nursery and I pray for a whole lot of strength and patience today because it is probably gonna be busy. I wish that people would not just go to church on really only 2 holidays, if they even go then. I mean, I guess it is better than never attending, but if people only realized what having God in your life can do for you. I feel that others are very lost and stressed and unhappy. The world in general is not a very happy place and there are numerous problems, crises, sicknesses and tragedies everyday, but to have a heart that loves the Lord and to be more focused on things related to him, than "Earthly" things is such a comfort to my soul. Luckily, I get to take this journey with my husband and we will be able to raise a family based on these beliefs, as well. It really puts things into perspective. It hurts to see the way others behave. If everyone followed the Bible and Jesus Christ, there would not be so much violence, unhappiness, fear and confusion. All questions regarding life are right there in that little book. We would have peace on Earth~! For those who do not believe or are not truly living their lives as Christians, I cannot judge, but I do have the right to be sad and to pray constantly. I always wonder how people think any and everything that has ever existed came to life? By chance? By some miracle? No, because of our Creator! Any way, today is so much more than the Easter Bunny, baskets, eggs, candy and food. We have the privilege of knowing that someone died for our sins! I am going to get off my soap box now and stop preaching. Maybe I just formed my own little church service for myself. Huh, how bout that! I pray that everyone has a wonderful, blessed Easter! Love you!

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sbrewner said...

Hoppy Easter to you too!