Sunday, March 30, 2008

Strange Brew

This is going to be super fast. We are supposed to be at church in 3 minutes. I don't think it's gonna happen. You see where my priorities are? Blogging instead leaving. Sorry God for I have sinned.

Any way, thank goodness Sean is more organized and with it this morning b/c he already summed up everything, as he does everyday, which is nice, so really if ya wanna know then read his blog.

Really nothing else to add. Oh, yes there is. I find it really funny that at the picnic yesterday there was a band playing (which the band members were real doctors). Now, this could be funny all by itself b/c they were some pretty rocking MDs, but what makes it even funnier is they sung the Eric Clapton cocai** song. Doctors saying that word just ain't right I tell ya!

Alright, gots to go!

1 comment:

sbrewner said...

you got that right. I think if it is quoting the name of a song you are ok. It may just be a context thing.