Thursday, March 27, 2008

Today is here, better than yesterday, let's make tomorrow even greater!

The house saga continues....... Dduunnddunnddunn. Now, the other offer from the other people probably won't go through. Can we make a higher offer????? ..... Nope, but we will still put in our offer. This is starting to get amusing. I think God is just messing with us, and laughing about it. So, we started looking at other houses and we think we see some potentials, but who knows.

Tiffany comes to town today from New York. We are excited to see her! Fly safe, babe!

My friend Becca started a blog. She is so cute with her hubby and her pigdog. I miss them much. They are coming to visit in October and we can't wait!

The lady from the Humane Society called us yesterday and we have a meet and greet scheduled for Monday! Wish us luck. Dad says if they bark at him even once, they're outta here. Oh great.

I got my bridesmaid dress for sweet Jan's wedding. Gotta get some cutlets and I will be good to go.

So after all of my grouchiness yesterday, things started looking up. I was really a complete nightmare grouchy  yesterday. Thank goodness my husband loves me and puts up with me. I know that my hormones from just being a woman and my brain from coming off Zoloft are all haywire. Forgive me for my craziness babe! I love you!

Well, gotta get going. The neighbors animals probably have to potty and I have to go to school. Now if I get an A on my test from Tuesday, I will say this day is really gonna turn out to be marvelous. Oh and if lab gets out early, I will rejoice!


becca said...

yay for october!
we're lucky that our hubbies love us despite the crazy hormones and bitchiness huh? Thank God!

sbrewner said...

you are silly babe, especially about the cutlets. I love you, and we are both crazy!

Hettie Brewner said...

Yes, we are lucky. For better or worserer!