Monday, March 31, 2008


And another quick post today, as I have a GYN appointment to go to. Hey, gotta rush off for that one. It is funny how I have to start my day with a post.

We looked at a couple of open houses yesterday. One lady was incredibly rude. We had barely stepped foot in her door when she asks what our price range is, we say 200,000 and under and she says well this is 349,000; not even the duplexes in here are that cheap (paraphrasing a little). Oh' c'mon lady, give me a break. At least she did not waste any of our time. The other house was ghetto, didn't even go inside and the last house was actually pretty nice, but the bedrooms and bathrooms were too small. So the search continues.

I have been feeling led to move to Surprise, AZ for about a year and a 1/2 now. We started looking at houses out there yesterday (so much more house for less $$$ than here). The community and employment rates are awesome and it is gorgeous there. I have to wonder is it God telling us to make another absolutely frightening change or are we just constantly looking for something, searching for more happiness or better lives when we should be content with where we are. I don't know, but I will pray lots and wait for answers. In the meantime, when we visit mom in AZ, we might try to give Surprise a visit. I could do without the name, but jeez just a name.


sbrewner said...

I think the surprise name would make us laugh a lot. I would definitely enjoy telling people where we live SURPRISE!! That would be fun

becca said...

LOL I had to read that sentence like 3x. ''Being led to Surprise?'' Why did she capitalize 'Surprise?' LOL Well whatever you guys decide I hope it works out, though the midwest is a loverly place!! =)

Hettie Brewner said...

Love it!