Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It's A Beautiful Day!

Well, we have to leave in about 1/2 an hour and still no Salvation Army truck. They were supposed to be here between 730 and 8. Never a dull moment. Hopefully they will leave them on our porch if we aren't here when they come and also hopefully no one decides to steal them. Still gotta take care of all the neighbor's dogs and 2 birds before we leave. Oh and I have a test in class this morning. It is chilly today! Got my FUGGS on. Comfy, cozy. We are anxiously awaiting to hear what happened with putting an offer on the house. I guess someone else put an offer on the table yesterday, as well. We will see. We got a job yesterday. Well, dad is wanting us to do a trial run first, and we so hope it all works out. We were so surprised that dad even agreed to it. He is awesome. Love him! We would be taking care of 2 dogs Thursday afternoon til Friday morning and then Saturday morning until Sunday morning every week. A poodle and a corgi. The owner works at the Humane Society and has two 13- 16 hour shifts twice a week. It would be some extra money each month and would be fun! And Allie would have some playmates, something to keep her mind off the fact that she has to sit on the floor now! She is hating it! Maybe she is starting to understand that she is a DOG! Okay, must go now. Gotta finish getting ready. Yum, Sean just got out of the shower and he sure smells delicious. Okay, concentrate. Must finish getting ready....... : O) Hey, the SA truck just arrived. This day is starting out marvelous!


sbrewner said...

You are an amazing wife, and you put up with a lot of my crap. i love you so much. I can't wait for us to get a lot of these things figured out so we have more time to focus solely on us.

Hettie Brewner said...

THX babe! You don't have much crap, just a teeny bit. I luv u. Yes, but there will always be things to juggle, we just gotta manage it correctly.