Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Change Your Negative Attitude!

Why do people feel they have to be so negative? Wouldn't we all be a little bit happier if we had positive attitudes and wore smiles on our faces and were genuinely happy for others? Is that too cheesy and boring? I am just wondering. We decided to share news of possibly buying a home and for the most part we have gotten a lot of positive feedback and excitement regarding our latest adventure. But then there are certain people who tell us we can't do it. They feel we won't be able to afford it, that we need to save, that my job is unstable, that we should concentrate on school, that we should wait for a house and a family. Wait for what? When we think we have everything figured out in our lives? That will never happen. I know that things may get rough, we may trip and stumble and land flat on our faces, but isn't it worth it to see our hopes, dreams and goals accomplished??? Isn't there a saying about the payoff after working hard........ or something like that.

OH and another thing. Change is good. Let's not remain so static in our lives (my new favorite word). Let's make life interesting and fun!

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