Monday, January 12, 2009

This is going to be a quick one I promise this time. School started today and I need to read over some stuff, eat breakfast and hopefully take a short nap before work.

Thursday's prenatal massage, haircut and color went well. My hair should last at least 4 months before having to go back. The massage was nice, but a bit uncomfortable because of lying on my side. We went to grandma's for Chinese that night.

Friday after work we had our pastor and his wife over for fondue. We had so much fun. We feel much better about tithing now too.

Saturday I worked. After that, Sean and I went back to the spa. He got a massage. I got micro, facial and eyebrow wax. Again, was very nice, but uncomfortable because of the way I had to lay. We came home and did nothing after that and it was nice. We watched King Kong. It was alright, but way too long.

Yesterday we went to bible study, watched the kids in the nursery and attended a financial class preview. It is 13 weeks and we will be doing it. It is through church. We are excited. We went to the new Wal-Mart Market right down the street that opened last week. It is pretty cool. Then to Sam's to stockpile on groceries. 24 started last night - I heart 24!

A new first with baby - we can see baby from the outside now! It is so awesome. You can see the kicks and movements in my belly. We love it!

I am nervous and excited to start school again.

And I'm hungry so gotta go!

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