Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Taco Frenzy

So, tacos at Taco Bell were 20 cents yesterday. Sean and I decided to go for dinner b/c I heart Taco Bell and who can beat 20 cent tacos?! It has been a major craving most of the pregnancy. Any way, the drive thru line was wrapped around the whole building and out into the street. We decided to go inside. The lines were VERY long in there too, but figured it wouldn't take that long. It's just tacos. Well, we got there at 6:15 and left at 8:15. It took an hour and a half to get the tacos and about a 1/2 hour to eat them. Why did we keep waiting? Well, I thought it can't take much longer; we will just wait a little bit more. Time would pass. And so on and so forth. I still haven't decided if it was worth it, but they were yummy. I ordered 4, ate 3. Sean ordered 6, ate 6. I have 1 for lunch today. I dunno why everyone waited so long for tacos (us included). They are only like 59 cents on regular days! Crazy people (us included!)

It is still cold here. 30s this morning!

I gained another pound so I am up to 12 total so far. OH! Baby did a turn and I could definitely feel it. It was like a wave in my tummy. I saw it too. It was really neat and felt a little strange. Monday night/Tuesday morning, I kinda freaked out. Baby is usually very active when I am in bed, but not that night. Now, it has been more during the day I have come to realize. But any ways, I didn't feel the normal kicking, nor did I feel it at all through the night. Tuesday morning when we woke up, still nothing. I expressed to Sean my concerns and started to cry. He said we should pray. Just as soon as we could bow our heads and get the word "dear" out, baby kicked! Wow, sometimes God can answer prayers amazingly fast. Not sure why he hasn't answered that one prayer about having a gajillion dollars yet......heehee

Well, I am at work, so I should probably stop blogging. Happy Wednesday! P.S. Sean and mama - I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss you so much it kinda hurts sometimes. :( Have a lovely day you two!


Becca said...

That exact same thing happened to me with the whole kicking episode. I'd bow my head to pray...get out a few words and then WAMMO! Glad that everything is still going well and yes you guys are NUTS to wait that long to save what...$3 on tacos? LOL

Hettie Brewner said...

Apparently we had nothing better to do on a Tuesday evening! :O)

I tell myself I won't worry if I don't feel kicking for a while, but then of course I always panic if I don't feel kicking!