Friday, January 23, 2009

Vacation Time! (Feels like it any way)

It's Friday and I have the day off!!! That means I have a 3 day weekend! I have Thursdays off, but I had to cover for LC, so I worked her Thursday and she is working my Friday. I like it!

We woke up to ice this Florida! We still took Allie for her morning walk, but it was frigid. I like it. It will be back to the normal temps by this weekend and next week (almost 80). We have had about 5 days of this real cold stuff.

I was really happy when I came home from work last night. One, I got my cat bones in the mail from school for my class. Yes, they are real cat bones and yes that excites me. That is why I work where I work and why vet tech is my major! I already broke the tooth off the poor cat head's mouth! Oops. I guess cat bones are fragile. Second reason why I was happy last night - well besides obvious things like seeing my hubby, Allie, being off work, etc.???? The parking around here is finally going to be enforced. It is horrible. There are signs posted everywhere that cars will be towed if parked on the street, but it is not enforced. It's all about to change. They are giving two warnings and then they will tow. I am happy about that. Almost daily, Sean and I are barely able to get in and out of our drive way because someone is parked on the street behind us. It's a real pain. Not to mention the fact that emergency vehicles probably could not get to us, which makes me nervous. Any way, there were already warnings on cars that had parked on the street this morning.

OK, time to go. I think I have time to get a lot of stuff done today.


Becca said...

ice huh? lol...daily event nowadays here...i could use some 80 degree days though here and there.

Hettie Brewner said...

Yah, should be back in the 70s starting today and for a week or so. It is 43 right now though. It's warming up just in time for pregnancy photos at Honeymoon Island today! So excited!

Becca said...

Oooh preggo pics! you better be sure and let us see some of those! i LOVE pregnancy sweet!

Hettie Brewner said...

Yah, I will show them of course. Didn't happen yesterday tho, supposed to today! I hope!!!