Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Heart God

I get so stressed that we won't have everything we need for our little one. That our nursery won't get finished and that baby will not have the things we think he/she needs. I feel like we already will not be supplying baby with all that I want to give. I know it is silly and material things are just that. I also know to trust God and that he will give us what we need. I need to give my worries to him and pray about it. I also try to think of what Faithlynn told us (our Pastor's wife). She said that God blessed us with a baby, therefore, he will always take care of our precious one. I know as long as baby is loved, fed, changed, has a roof over it's head and is taken care of, baby will be totally happy. It's not about the stroller we get or the car seat or bedding or play pens or any of that other stuff. Still I worry though. I worry about our finances in general and it is something I am working really hard on changing. I won't even watch the news anymore (except the weather because I am a weather nerd!) because all I hear about is our bad economy and it is just too stressful for me. I have gotten better about trying not to stress though.

So, Thursday I had been telling Sean about my worries if we don't get anything else for baby. Not that I am expecting people to just give us all this stuff. It is our responsibility. We prayed about it and I felt somewhat better.

Well, yesterday a woman from Healthy Start (a govenerment funded program in Pinellas County) came over to talk and do an assessment. After a long interview and telling her my life story, which let me tell you, my past is not good, not good at all. Anything you can think of that you would not want your child to do, I did. Between all my problems and my parents problems, growing up was not so great. Mom - I love you and you did a wonderful job even though times were rough. So any way, after the assessment (which she said I definitely passed), she told me about the program. First, there are 2 places I can go to get free maternity clothes, baby supplies and free parenting, breastfeeding and chilbirth classes. Also, I have an appointment with WIC, which if they accept me, they will help with groceries. Finally, I will have someone who comes and helps with the baby for the first five years. They will come to the house and teach me lots of stuff, including care, stimulating activities that don't include TV, and other stuff. I am really excited. So is Sean. What a help this will be. I feel undeserving a bit because we are middle class and I know there are a lot of needier people than us. On the other hand, I kinda feel like a low life. But what I need to do is rejoice and thank God for this gift. Wow, how he answers prayers and works miracles. OH and if we take a car seat safety class, we will get a free car seat.

P.S. We are still registered at Babies R Us. Hint hint. No only kidding. ha ha


Becca said...

Everything will work out for you guys i'm sure. I felt the same way and now i have more stuff than i can shake a stick at. All i've bought so far is one small pack of diapers and some long sleeved onesies.

BTW, i saw your registry and you guys registered for the same pack and play that we's awesome!

Hettie Brewner said...

I know, with God on our side everything will always work out. I am a worrier and stresser. Unfortunately, it is in my nature, though I am trying to change that part of me, with God's help of course!

I don't even remember what pack n play we beeped. We beeped a lot that day!