Monday, January 19, 2009

Tears of Joy

WOW, I am pretty emotional today! What's new huh?! Sean and I were talking about baby kicking this morning and I was describing what each kick feels like and when I think it may be the hands, versus feet, versus butt, versus head. And well then I started to cry. I also miss my hubby today extra much. I also am pretty emotional over the music I am listening to. I went into the nursery earlier and was emotional then too. Sheesh! Crazy hormones! They are all good emotions and I am very happy though.

Baby can hear us now, which is really cool. We can sing, read and talk to him or her. Smile.

We had a good rest of the weekend. Saturday I got all caught up with scrap booking. I had pics from October on. I also started the Pooh Bear baby book Kyle gave us for Christmas. And it was fun doing scrap booking pages with all our ultrasounds, as well. We also had a date night. We went to Outback. What a great experience. There was a 1 1/2 wait, but Sean got us a table by the bar so we barely waited. The service was excellent. They handed out free appetizers. The food was delicious. We were done after an hour and a half. And we had a $20 gift card so we spent $10 total.

Yesteday, we went to bible study and church and then there was a BBQ at church afterwards. We also did our first 10% tithing, which we are very excired about and not stressed or anxious about anymore. Feel very calm and at peace with our decision and know we are being obediant and making God happy and we are feeling very happy to give.

After church we went over to our friends Jackson and Joy's house to see their new baby (5 weeks old). His name is Joel and boy is he adorable. They also have a 2-year-old. We talked lots, played with baby, watched football and had a great time. Joy goes back to work in February and I will be watching little precious Joel at our house every Thursday (that is one of my days off from work). We are really excited about this. It will be great for me - a preview of what's to come. He is so adorable and it is just going to be so much fun to have him around the house. They are also paying us, but that was not the reason for doing it, although a little extra money for us is nice. We are feeling very blessed to be able to help them out and it will be fun for us.

Have a God Blessed Day!


Becca said...

Those emotions don't go away anytime soon so just tell everyone to get used to it. Joel woke up yesterday morning to me crying over the baby and he was like WHAT'S WRONG? I just looked at him and said...she's just so perfect! LOL

Read books to that baby lots and's great bonding. We got through a whole novel with Kenzie :)

Hettie Brewner said...

Well, I am just an emotional girl any way - before pregnancy, during, I know after. Sean is pretty used to it, as is my family and friends. :O)

Our little baby is going to know a lot about animal anatomy - the class I am taking right now. HA!