Thursday, January 8, 2009

Healthy BABW checkup and finding an old friend

Sean and I had a baby checkup today. My pee was good. My weight has increased. Blood pressure is normal. My belly measured 19 cm, which is good. It was 14 cm last time. It is maybe a cm or 2 under, but not really. I guess at 21 weeks, they would like 21 cm, but it all depends on who measures; it's not totally accurate. So suffice it to say, all is well with that. We heard baby's heartbeat (140), which was perfectly normal. Q&A'ed our OB. That's about it. We are really happy for a normal appointment and thank God for that.

I found my oldest friend Libby (oldest as in how long I have known her, not her age!) on Facebook. We used to be best friends back when I was like 5 or 6! We were neighbors when my mom and I lived in Dunedin. Then we moved to GA and them to PA. We still kept in touch and in 5th grade I spent Spring Break in PA with her. Well, we eventually lost touch and it has been since around 5th grade that I had talked to her. So, I was super excited to find her, see her pics, see what she has been up to, talk to her, etc! :O)

Sean detailed both our cars yesterday (yes, it did rain of course before and after he washed them - no lie). He also made my breakfast and lunch before I went off to work and because I was feeling so nauseous yesterday, he gave me a nice massage. OK, had to brag. He is so lovely!

I am off today, of course, because it is Thursday. In a bit, I am going in for a haircut and color and a prenatal massage. Yippie!

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