Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lil Update

I never went into detail about my ultrasound. Baby is healthy. Heartbeat was 157. My cervix still measured 3.2 cm (over 3 is best).   Baby was kicking away. Obviously, baby was drinking or yawning by the ultrasound pic. Baby is still breach, but not to worry. I think that's about. Overall, :). I heart baby!

Becca and Joel had their baby on Monday. So congrats to them!

Sean, dad and I went to dinner with Linda. My friend and dad's ex-girlfriend from when I was younger. I have known her since I was 5! It was very nice to see her. She lives in Naples with hubby and kids now. We went through some difficult times, but have renewed a very welcomed relationship, so I am happy about that.

I finally got all the stuff out of the nursery so it is completely cleared to now fill with baby stuff. The crib and changing table are all setup in there and what stuff we have gotten for baby is now put away in drawers and the closet that I finally emptied out. It was like a spare bedroom/storage area beforehand.

My 1st week of school went well and I think I am going to enjoy my classes and my teacher. I also got my diploma in the mail yesterday! YAY!

It's cold here! In the 30s.

And last but not least.... Jon Gruden and Mike Allen (Bucs head coach and GM respectively) were fired yesterday! Big news around Tampa Bay!

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