Sunday, January 25, 2009

Did I mention I am emotional?

We were supposed to get our pregnancy photos done yesterday, but Sandra had to cancel. We had planned our whole day around them and reorganized and so when I heard we wouldn't be doing it yesterday I was so disappointed. I had been so excited. Any way, we got home after volunteering at the Humane Society and I just felt lost. I didn't want to do anything, nothing sounded good. Sean offered up many ideas, but I was just being poopie about it all. I was bored and irritable and disappointed and upset. So I had a really good cry. Sometimes I feel that what I pictured with being pregnant before I ever got pregnant is not the reality. For some reason I expected friends and family to act differently or to care more or be more excited. I KNOW it is my hormones and we have so many loved ones that are excited for us. I am just so emotional right now. Any way, after talking and crying, we decided to go to Fresh Market. We had never been there. Love it. We walked around and enjoyed the sights and smells and got some soup and salad to-go. Delicious. On the way there, we were talking about baby's 1st day of kindergarten and I started crying. See, told you, emotional! I told my mom about my worries. Asked her if she was excited or if she cared that we were having a baby and she was like "yah of course I am excited! You're stupid!" That's my mama for ya! Way to put me back in my place. I say, not stupid, just pregnant!

Today, tired. Studied this morning. Got an A on my first quiz. Gonna be late for bible study and church!


Becca said...

i know what you mean how it seems like nobody cares. at first it's BIG news and everyone is excited...then the 9 mos drag on forever and it seems like nobody cares anymore...but don't just seems that way...we all still care and are excited for you guys!

Hettie Brewner said...

Thanks for understanding babe! Love ya!