Saturday, January 31, 2009

Free Groceries

On Thursday I went for my WIC appointment and guess what!!?? We were accepted. Now, lemme tell you that I had a really hard time understanding the woman who was filling out my application. Her Spanish accent was really thick. Any way, she asked how many people in the household? I said 2. She said something along the lines of do you work, or does anyone work or something of that nature and I said yes. She said do you have W-2s? I said yes and gave her mine. She calculated my earnings, recorded it on the application and then wrote Sean's name underneath mine, but did not ask for his W-2. Maybe that's how they do it. I dunno.

So any way, we figured it will save us about $80-100 a month in groceries!!!!!! We get 3 checks a month (they already gave us 2 months worth) and with the checks we buy free milk, cheese, eggs, carrots, tuna, juice, cereal, beans and peanut butter. And I don't mean enough to last a week or so. It's enough of each to last us the month.

We feel really blessed. Now, I am not saying (nor did I expect) that because we started tithing our 10% that God is giving us this, but it sure is a testimony. Since we tithed, we have gotten free prego photos, I got 2 maternity shirts as gifts from Sandra and we were accepted for WIC. Plus, more stuff comes next week, but I wil blog that later (like when (after) it happens).

OK, I'm done for now. :O)

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