Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Just drop me off at the old fogies' home

Sometimes I wonder what the heck is wrong with my body and how am I going to feel in 20 years. I don't even want to know what my grandparents feel like on a daily basis. While I feel wrong complaining about silly health things, while our friend Joel is trying to pass a kidney stone, I just gotta vent. BTW: Feel better Joel!

So let's start at the top and work our way down. I woke up this morning unable to open my right eye. There was no apparent reason for this annoyance. It is still feeling weird and dry. I have been inserting drops into it to no avail. I am 27 and I still get acne. Hate it! I wash my face 2x a day and take care of myself, what's the deal? I have an enlarged lymph node under my armpit that I have had for years and even had to get ultrasounds and a mammogram done to check it out. This was really scary. And to make matters worse, I think the lymph node is larger than the boob. Any ways, it hurts. Dunno why, but it does. I have had numbness and tingling in my right hip for about a month now. I was scared it was a tumor or cancer or something. Now, I just think it is from sitting. How nice is that? That really says something about aging. Oh and speaking of things that can happen when you sit too long, I have a hemorrhoid. Now I can't believe I just typed that. Lost dignity, moving on. Last, but not least, I have a black thing (Sean thinks it is a blackhead) protruding from my cyst scar. He wants to pop it. I don't think so buddy.

Should I sign up for AARP now or what?


sbrewner said...

AARP here we come! I will pop it. Just you wait. I can see that you are having some trouble with those things, but I think you are perfect. We don't have problems as bad as some people out there. Im happy that we can count our blessings.

becca said...

LOL Man do i hear ya! I had acne problems wheni was younger, got on BC when we got married and my problems all but went away. Occassional one here or there, no biggie. Now that i'm off of it....it's a mad house on my face. LOL. It's a viscious cycle, use makeup to cover it, makeup causes more, use more makeup to cover up what was caused by the original coverup and more are caused by that coverup. LOL you follow? I'm sorry you feel so old though. Joel feels the same way and he's only 25. Poor old man. And tell Sean not to pop it!! LOL

Hettie Brewner said...

I don't feel old, I just feel worn! Yes, Sean no popping. I know all about the vicious makeup cycle. It's rough being a woman I tell ya!