Saturday, August 30, 2008

Crystal River

We are having a really good time! Allie was all excited because she was able to leave the house with us and she was really excited to go to Aunt Michelle's, but when we were leaving her there, she ran to my car, thinking she was going again, so that was kinda sad because she gave us those irresistible puppy dog eyes when she saw that she was not coming. I know she is having fun though.

So, we arrived and checked in to our hotel. Quaint, clean and roomy. We have a full kitchen. We went to the visitor's center in Homosassa and looked around. We then tried to leave to go eat, but apparently I left my keys somewhere and so we spent a good 15 minutes trying to find them. I can be such an airhead at times. Eventually, we found them. Someone had turned them into the lady at the gift shop. We went down to the river and ate lunch. There was a lot of boaters pulling up and getting out to eat and drink. There were just a ton of people. All the food was fried. Hey, we are in the south! After lunch, we went to monkey island to see monkeys of course! We went to a fallen heroes monument and then to a park to walk on the boardwalk. The trail walk was short lived b/c we were swarmed by mosquitoes. I had gone to Walgreens and picked up bug spray, BUT left it at the hotel! We went down to the docks and then to a little beach on the river. There were danger signs there about not recommending people swimming in the river and to shower immediately after exiting the polluted body of water. Any way, we did not go in there. No thanks. Swim at your own risk! We drove around and sight-see'd and came back to our room and ate pizza. Now I sit here. It has been a fabulous day!

More tomorrow and pics later!


sbrewner said...

awesome trip and manatees are totally cool! Lots of fun with the gentle giants. Love this experience with you.

Hettie Brewner said...

Me too! xoxo