Monday, August 18, 2008


We are under a hurricane watch right now. The keys have evacuated and Sarasota has already announced a state of emergency. Meteorologists still don't know the path of Fay and won't until later today. It is still in Cuba and when it gets into the warm open waters, many things can happen. They think it might have moved a little more NE than NW, which is better for us, in terms of the waves and stuff, but it looks like we will know way more later on today. It is still a tropical storm, but they think it will become a category 1 by the time it gets here. The next 36 hours should be interesting. It is gorgeous now and it was actually a little cool on our morning walk/run. Don't know if from the storm or what.

The Bucs beat the Pats in pre-season last night. Dad, uncle and cousin were at the game. We were offered free tix, but it was a night game and we have to work today and would have been home too late last night.

We had church yesterday. Then we did a beach drive. We went to Clearwater Beach, Sand Key, Indian Ricks, Madeira, Treasure Island, Reddington Shores and Bch, Pass-A-Grill, Pasadena, Bellair, St. Pete Bch. We stopped at the bird sanctuary, the Don Cesar Hotel, a winery and we got ice cream cones. Then we came home, packed some, went swimming and watched some of the football game and the Olympics.

Dad's smoking a nasty cigar right now. One of the things I can't wait to change about our new place. No smoking inside! I can barely breathe. Yuck!

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