Friday, August 22, 2008

No Catchy Title

My yesterday off was good. I had a lot of quiet time to get things done around the house, run some errands, pack some and surf the web.........a lot.

Only one thing really was not good yesterday. I called SPC to straighten out my graduation flub up and the first lady directed me to Dr. Griffin. Dr. Griffin certainly isn't the nicest lady in the world. I tried to explain what took place, but she tended to want to interrupt me, talk above me and really not care about the situation in general. She contacted the guidance counselor that helped me (well, really didn't help me or I wouldn't be in this mess) and this lady had the nerve to say that she told me which Humanities classes I could take and gave me a sheet of paper on it. She also recorded in the computer that I didn't want to take a Humanities class and that I would just go into the vet tech program and get my AS and forget about my AA. Not true! Dr. Griffin said well if you have that piece of paper that says New Testament Survey on there then I will think about putting in an appeal request, but if you don't have that paper, then absolutely not. I then tell her how I went back at the end of July to the same guidance counselor who told me my graduation was complete and I missed walking in July, but could walk in December. Dr. Griffin puts me on hold. I wait. A long time. She finally comes back on the line and says there are also notes in the computer about this visit. The notes say that the guidance counselor told me graduation was complete, I missed walking in July, but could in December. SO, now Dr. Griffin has to talk to somebody Leopold and she said she would get back to me. I am hoping and praying that they will put an appeal in for me and I will be able to graduate. Not to toot my on trumpet, but c'mon I have 265 credits (takes like 70 to get an AA), a 3.272 GPA and I am a good student!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not trying to cheat their system or lie to them. I was very upset and cried about it, but now I am feeling optimistic that everything will be good and I will be able to get my degree and walk in December.


sbrewner said...

you have enough credits for a doctorate they should at least give you an AA, love you

Hettie Brewner said...

So, I guess you can just call me Dr. Brewner! Love!