Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Good Times

I was pretty proud of myself. There was a big Black Racer snake in our bushes the other day while I was unloading the groceries and it didn't scare me into the house to never return outside again, like the slithery thing would have affected me in the past. Slowly but surely I will get over this fear.

My sis in law Courtney is soon to be engaged. YAY! Sean and I are very happy for her and excited for her, as well!!!!!

I had to get a background check done for the vet tech program and it came back all clear. Back in 2001 or 2002, I made a horrible decision and tried to drive home after having some drinks, which resulted in a DUI. Definitely not my proudest moment and it is still hard to even admit to it. Any way, they couldn't find it on my record anywhere. That is kinda weird, but I guess I shouldn't question it too much.

My husband has the day off from work. He deserves it! I have to be in at 9.

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