Sunday, August 17, 2008

I love our Saturdays off together!

We relaxed around here before heading up to the Humane Society to volunteer.

We are pet sitting for Lucy and Larry. It is a Shih Tzu named Angel. We have watched him a few times. So we were going to take them for a walk and Angel freaks out(in a bad way) even seeing his leash. It took us forever to get his leash attached to his collar and then on the walk we had to kinda force him to actually walk. I have never seen a dog that did not like to go for walks. Strangest thing ever. He was really scared. I don't get it.

Even though I said I would never join myspace or facebook, well, I guess I lied. I am on facebook now and oh no it is addicting. I have been missing out all this time! Still no myspace for me though.....yet.

Any way after the Humane Society we went to Safety Harbor and got Starbucks and walked around the quaint little downtown area and looked in the shops. Then we went to the Whistle Stop Grill. I have been craving their BLFGT (bacon, lettuce, fried green tomato) sandwich for weeks. It's delicious.

It looks like Tropical Storm Fay is headed our way. Should be interesting.

God bless!!!!!!!!!!!!


Becca said...

Oh no! A tropical Storm! LOL the news up here makes really big deals out of storms. I mean, i know it's a storm...but most all Floridians have been through much larger storms than that. Ijust find it humorous. Stay safe though and have fun if you get a day off from work because of it! :)

Hettie Brewner said...

We are under a hurricane watch....... we shall see. They still don't know the storm's path exactly, but these things should always be taken seriously. It is also fun and exciting as long as everyone is safe and nothing damaging happens to our state.