Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sea Cows

Sean and I both worked yesterday, which I really enjoy working Saturdays. The day flies by. I worked from 8:45 to 1:45. I am the only one up front on Saturdays.

I came home and did stuff around the house and then went to Starbucks for coffee for me, dad and Sean at the mall.

Sean and I decided to plan a trip for Labor Day weekend since we are off Sat, Sun and Mon. Sean, Dad and I are going to Crystal River (about 2 hours or so from here). We will stay from Sat until Mon. We reserved our room and our manatee excursion. We get to swim with manatees!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited. It should be very fun. The boat leaves at 6 in the morning. They take you out and give you all your snorkeling gear and then you get in the river and swim and play with manatees and you can even touch them. Love it! Crystal River is a small town north of here on 19.

Sean and I used a gift card from our BDs and went to Bahama Breeze for dinner and a drink. Yum. We sat outside by the water on the causeway in Tampa and had good food and watched the birds, planes take off, the boats, the water, the sunset. Very nice.

So, funny story. I noticed that Adrienne's name was in our computer system at work, so I texted her and asked her about it. Apparently, she worked there for about 5 years and was also Dr. Supow's (my boss and owner of the clinic) nanny. What a small world!

We watched some of the Bucs first preseason game (they won/beat the Dolphins) and some of the Olympics last night after din din.

What a great day~


sbrewner said...

mooooooo, lots of fun only 3 weeks away!

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