Saturday, August 30, 2008


OK, this is the last time I am going to say this, I swear! I am super excited to go to Crystal River with Sean and Dad! Is there a better word or at least a different word than "excited" because I certainly say it a lot? I need a thesaurus. I think it's a thesaurus that tells different words with the same meaning. Hmmmm. Maybe not though. OK, ADD moment. Bringing myself back. I am always a little strange in the morning when I have just peeled my eyelids apart and have only had 10 sips of java. So, I guess it is better to use the word "excited" a lot; it is better than using a negative word like "disappointed" I am certainly NOT disappointed to go to Crystal River today!

Allie will be staying with Aunt Michelle, Uncle Dave and Maxy- Max (their pup).

We had a pretty relaxing night at home yesterday. We watched Ella Enchanted on the Disney Channel. It was so good! Really cute story.

OK, off to get ready for my stay-cation. (got this nifty little word from watching the Today Show).

Really lame this morning.

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