Monday, August 11, 2008


We took care of the babies in the nursery at church yesterday.

We tried to get the key to the town home twice yesterday, but to no avail, as no one was in the office. We did get landscaping done by the entryway and on the back side near our deck. We have our very own palm tree in the front! My favorite!

We volunteered at the Humane Society. There are about 50 kittens there!

We got Starbucks.

We picked up Allie and took her to Hammock Park to walk on the trails. Well, the mosquitoes bit the heck out of her. She had about 50 bites all over her body. She is better today and they are all gone. We were very worried. Last night when we went to bed she was chasing nonexistent bugs around the room for like 45 minutes so I think she was a little traumatized!

We went in the pool for a bit and watched We Are Marshall (awesome movie), ate jambalaya for dinner and packed some more boxes for our upcoming move!

Another great day! :O)

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