Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hi Becca!

Becca was really missing my daily posts so I thought I would write one! :O)

I was off work today so I have done a lot of stuff around here and some errands and even managed to squeeze in a mani/pedi.

Did I ever mention that I have the best hubby in the world!? He had yesterday off and he took care of so much stuff, including stuff for me. He took my car in for it's 30,000 mile checkup and picked it up. And dropped me off and picked me up from work and cooked dinner for us. And he got a filling at the dentist and stopped by the OB to get me free prenatals (how exciting is that?). He also went to the VA for an appointment. We are resubmitting a claim because of his headaches, which could mean that they will always provide free care for him regarding this issue, we could get back pay from 11/2006 and we could get more added on to our current monthly disability. It would be nice. While he was there, they said they feel like he might have a traumatic brain injury, but they aren't sure. I hope not.

OK, have to do some homework now. More later.


Becca said...

Well you guys have fun on your weekend excursion.

Hopefully the prenatals don't effect you too badly. They haven't ever bothered me but some people have issues with all of the fiber and stuff in 'em. LOL

Thanks for posting again!

Hettie Brewner said...

We will have fun!

I took prenatals back in March when we 1st got off the pill for a month before the whole fiasco with my female issues and I was fine.

I just started them again on Wednesday and everything has been fine.

Unfortuntely, I have IBS and reflux any way, so probably wouldn't know the difference. In other words, my tummy is messed up already!