Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sick bird/Sick Grandfather

Just a quick note that granddad went home yesterday. He ended up staying for 2 nights. On Thursday after work and a family meal at Capogna's we went and saw him. He was convinced that the nurses and docs were trying to kill him and he was very confused and kept ripping his IVs out and trying to leave the hospital. His hand is pretty black and blue and swollen, as is his nose. But he is back home now.

The Olympics are on and it is exciting to watch. The opening ceremony was very cool.

Sean and I are taking care of one of the birds next door who is sick. It was malnourished at its last home and it tried to lay an egg, but couldn't. She starting bleeding and having diarrhea so Jeff and Dee took her to the vet where they removed the broken shelled egg from her. She is on oral antibiotics, which Sean and I are administering twice daily, which has proved to be a little challenging. I think she is going back to the vet today because she is still not doing so great.

Sean and I are both working today.

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